10 Reasons why Merchant Navy is great career option in India

6 Things to Consider Before Joining Merchant Navy
March 20, 2017
Merchant Navy Courses in India
Top advantages of Merchant Navy Courses in India
April 30, 2017
merchant navy training institute in delhi
  1. Less demanding qualifications:

The best thing about merchant navy jobs is that they do not ask for some core technical degrees like medical & engineering. There are many mediocre qualifications that can fetch you good jobs in navy. The only prerequisite for the jobs in merchant navy training from a reputed merchant navy institute. There are many Marine academy & merchant navy institutes in Delhi.

  1. Well-paid Pay Package and Perks:

Well, the first & foremost reason for doing a job would be the salary for the newcomer. The initial salary in merchant navy job can be as high as 50,000 which is not at all possible in any other career option

  1. Traveling the world with adventure:

It must be the first choice for those who crave for adventures & does not like the normal routine life. Well, you can roam around the world with lots of adventure happening around you & guess what you can even be part of it.

  1. Get to know about different cultures:

There are different kinds of people whom you come across while working in merchant navy & you can surely know their culture as you spend time with them as subordinate or colleague

  1. Tax-free income:

Well here is the great news for all the navy aspirants out there. All the income that you earn is absolutely tax-free. Nothing can be better than that…

  1. Learn to be professional:

Wearing uniform & making yourself work in taught atmosphere while adjusting with different people is definitely the way to learn professionalism.

  1. Discipline:

The work culture is very discipline oriented as the following right regime is the must. This discipline will definitely make a lot of different in your personal development.

  1. Exposure:

Merchant navy jobs will allow you to expose too many complicated & emergency situation which will make you strong &built many skill in you.

  1. Long vacation:

As the navy people have long shipment & stay onboard for a long period of time to compensate that they also get long vacations As long as 24 months.

  1. Amazing lifestyle:

Last but not the least the lifestyle that a merchant navy can offer will be rare at other places. You get the chance to enjoy the sea as well as land life at its best possible way. Well, you can definitely take your family along with you on the ship when you are onboard.

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