6 Things to Consider Before Joining Merchant Navy

merchant navy training institute in delhi
10 Reasons why Merchant Navy is great career option in India
March 28, 2017

Are you an excited soul who wants to take a job which is exciting & challenging for you? Than merchant navy is one of the most suitable career options available for you. There are many merchant navy training institutes in Delhi for merchant navy training. Delhi Merchant navy institutes are offering many different courses. There are many articles & blogs about how to join the merchant navy but remember these things before you join merchant navy:

    1. Eligibility for merchant navy: It is very important to understand the fact that not everyone can join merchant navy. One has to be trained for joining the merchant navy. Nowadays there are many fake institutes that will give you the admission in the training institute with the promise of 100% placement but be cautions do not take up admission in such institutes without doing prior research. There are many navy training institutes in Delhi.
    2. Available options to choose from: Merchant marine offers many different job titles starting from very technical to non-technical. Decide the suitable job profile on the basis of your interest& your past qualifications.
    3. Physical requirements: Marine men would be working on the ship & it is very important for the applicant to understand that fitness is one of the top three criteria for the selection in the merchant. Medically fitness is compulsory, 6/6 eyesight required for deck side or spectacles is permitted in engine side but no colorblindness.
    4. Different life altogether: Merchant navy jobs will give you an opportunity to know many different people coming from the different background. This experience will improve your work life as well as personal life very well.
    5. Personality & attitude: The only inner circle that you have on board is people surrounded by you. The colleagues& subordinates are your nearest circle. If you are adventurous & extrovert people who like to meet new people & know about their culture then this is a go for you.
    6. Available employment: Sea employment is definitely much more exciting than land employment. The world seems very glorious when you are at sea. Merchant navy employment will even let you fulfill your dream of exploring different lance of the world.


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    Can girls apply for merchant navy

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