April 30, 2017
Merchant Navy Courses in India

Top advantages of Merchant Navy Courses in India

Getting a job in merchant navy is a proud feeling. Over that, it is also a lucrative career opportunity as it offers attractive pay packages. The best merchant navy colleges in Delhi help their candidates to get the best training to get a job in the merchant navy. The merchant navy academy in Delhi is best known for the great […]
March 28, 2017
merchant navy training institute in delhi

10 Reasons why Merchant Navy is great career option in India

Less demanding qualifications: The best thing about merchant navy jobs is that they do not ask for some core technical degrees like medical & engineering. There are many mediocre qualifications that can fetch you good jobs in navy. The only prerequisite for the jobs in merchant navy training from a reputed merchant navy institute. There are many Marine academy & […]
March 20, 2017

6 Things to Consider Before Joining Merchant Navy

Are you an excited soul who wants to take a job which is exciting & challenging for you? Than merchant navy is one of the most suitable career options available for you. There are many merchant navy training institutes in Delhi for merchant navy training. Delhi Merchant navy institutes are offering many different courses. There are many articles & blogs […]