Merchant Navy After 12th

April 27, 2018

How To Choose Merchant Navy Courses After 12th

Merchant Navy is a course that is quite popular in the world. Gone are the days when students used to take to conventionalcourses for climbing the ladder of success. Unconventional degrees and courses are getting […]
April 16, 2018

How To Secure Admission In A Reputed Maritime Marine Academy

In order to fulfil their dreams of making a promising career in merchant navy, students can opt for a wide range of courses available at any reputed maritime marine academy just after completing their class […]
March 29, 2018

Make Career In Merchant Navy

When it comes to a career choice after 12th, merchant navy offers immense career opportunities to the students aspiring to join it. But many of you might have confusions regarding different things like what are […]
March 13, 2018

Enroll Yourself In Merchant Navy Courses After 12th For A Bright Career Ahead

Finished your 12th grade and wondering what to do? Well, there are several courses available for job training in merchant navy after 12th or even 10th standard. And you don’t even have to have a […]
February 6, 2018
How to Join Merchant Navy

How to Join Merchant Navy After 12th

The Merchant Navy remains one of the most rewarding lines of career and there are innumerable institutions in India that provide professional degree courses. If you have just passed out your 12th board exams and […]