Here’s How To Join The Prestigious Merchant Navy
August 22, 2019
Merchant Navy- A Sea Of Dreams just waiting for you now
September 6, 2019

There is hardly any other academic course that lets you travel around the world and enables you the adventurous experience of the seas. Yes, the course is that of the Merchant Navy, famous for the exposure that it provides to its aspirants. Moreover, the handsome stipends of this stream attract the young candidates to join the Merchant Navy and enhance their skills on board.
Merchant Navy, however, is a lot different from the generic Navy course. This course is known to limit its focus upon the commercial services and management skills. Thus, having a different approach than the Navy. The Merchant Navy is known to be a jolly course which does not indulge in hardcore training and defending the country.

No matter the difference in approach between the two streams, the course of the Merchant Navy is sometimes referred to as the backbone of the International Trade. As it is responsible for carrying massive trunks of cargo all over the world via ships. Thus, it is quite evident to say that Merchant Navy comprises of a large number of workers who make this job possible. The businesses which indulge import and export are primarily dependent on the Merchant Navy for their salvation. Thus, settling for a Merchant Navy career after 12th would be the right decision.

Who Are Eligible To Apply For Merchant Navy?
Though Merchant Navy seems to be quite a glamorous job with a lot of job opportunities, however, it also demands the aspirants to be skilled. If you are someone who loves to travel and want to pursue a course which allows you to learn on the go, the Merchant Navy would be the most obvious choice for you. This career option would not only pay you handsome wages for your job but fulfill your mind’s desires as well. There is hardly any other career option, which is as satisfying as this one. Private Institutions such as Naval maritime academy is well renowned for its versatile academic segment as well.

However, there are specific criteria which need to be fulfilled to get aboard. A candidate who aspires to become a part of Merchant Navy must match the mentioned qualities:
• You need to finish your class 12 with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.
• You need to be an unmarried citizen of India.
• You must not have high powered vision glasses.
• You have to qualify the entrance exams as well as the interview.
• You need to qualify the medical tests and pass the training session on voyaging.

If you manage to surpass all these mentioned details, then you are set for an adventure of a lifetime. If you have just finished your schooling, you are open to an extensive prospectus of Navy career after 12th.

Which Institutions Are Ranked Well For Merchant Navy?
If you are willing to pursue Merchant Navy after your 12th, you would be able to select a stream under it. The flow could be of your choice or might depend upon your academics. In India, there are some highly reputed private institutions of Merchant Navy. The naval maritime academy is one such institution that allows their students to take up various marine courses during their time in the Merchant Navy. This allows a candidate to acquire the necessary degrees for a better future.

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