Courses To Be Undertaken To Join Merchant Navy After 10th

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November 6, 2018
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December 19, 2018

What about developing a career in Merchant Navy right after 10th? There is a plethora of opportunities and courses that can be initiated after completion of secondary school examination. This article will provide you with list of courses which ultimately will help you to chalk out an effective career in Merchant Navy

Prospects in Merchant Navy are captivating and adventurous, but to establish yourself as an officer, the opportunities are bleak and lasts for a very short period of time. This field offers a variety of monetary benefits as well as incentives. As an officer you need to be passionate and equally hard working to be promoted to higher rankings. To achieve this aspect, you need to be trained in certain courses but they should be pursued through an elite Merchant Navy Academy. You need to take into consideration an aspect that there is more competition and less opportunities in this field.

These courses help you in the entire process of how to join Merchant Navy after 10th and prepare you for the grilling sessions in Merchant Navy which ultimately trains you for various other things in life which includes personality development, speaking skills etc. Thus, its best to start with few courses which you can pursue after 10th grade as well. The earlier you start the better opportunities you get. How to join Merchant Navy after 10th and the courses are your solution which are categorized as:

• Saloon Rating Course: It was introduced to create a niche for individuals on a global platform. It provides for higher employment opportunities in Indian sea as well as across the globe. In terms of medical aspect, your eyesight and hearing needs to be perfect. It accounts forat least 6 months training.

• Diploma in Nautical Sciences: This course is approved by Directorate General of Shipping and requires physics, chemistry and mathematics as your basic course in tenth and twelfth standard.

• General Purpose(GP) Rating Course: It is a sea training programme which makes you trained and reduces the fear of sea waters. It can be taken for 6 months as well. You can pursue this course only if you have subjects like mathematics and science in your secondary examination. This course mainly equips you with roles and responsibilities of the deck and engine.

Therefore, other than the above mentioned courses, Merchant Navy Academy also offers short term technical courses which involve fire safety and fire fighting, welding, electrical certification etc. If you desire to continue our schooling after 10th through Science stream, then you would be eligible for better and high rated maritime courses.

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