Developing Prospects Through Diploma In Nautical Science

Prerequisites for Merchant Navy Courses after 12th
December 19, 2018
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January 21, 2019

Mainstream courses are not the only factor which ensures your entry into Merchant Navy, but diploma courses are also offered in various graduate marine engineering colleges. These diploma courses are developing as a new alternative to conventional degrees.

You have always been told that to enter Merchant Navy you need to clear various entrances with a degree course to achieve your dream. You need to work hard in both 10th and 12th and achieve good academic records to get into high end graduate marine engineering colleges. Have you or anyone ever given a thought that if what you desire does not fall in the right place as it is rightly said that “an individual can’t predict their futures as man proposes and god disposes.

Still never think to give up as degrees are mere qualifications, but if you have a strong willpower and passion then nobody can stop you from achieving your desires. You can still pursue a career in Merchant Navy even if you secured less percentage in 12th examination as there are many marine engineering colleges which provide diploma in nautical science.

There are various benefits of pursuing a diploma course rather than a B.Sc. degree for 3 years:

• Firstly, diploma mainly allows you to be on the deck rather than on the sea as being on the sea requires a lot of technical knowledge and if you are unable to grasp technicalities then you can opt for the diploma course which are also available in few elite graduate marine engineering colleges.

• Secondly, nautical science allows you to follow your passion in merchant Navy and provides you with an adventurous life at the same time. You can be on the deck itself and avoid the sea altogether as for being a sea officer you need to be surrounded by the sea for almost 6 months of the year which creates a gap between your loved ones.

• Thirdly, through nautical science you can also get appointed as a navigation officer in both private and public companies which requires less mechanics, but still you can enjoy the lucrative career of merchant Navy which allows you to follow your dream and passions. It also requires less time than a conventional degree as diploma are mainly offered by various colleges for one or two years. These open a lot of other alternatives to choose from rather than a B.Sc. degree which too involves a lot of competition.

Therefore, before selecting either a diploma in nautical science or a degree you need to be aware about its merits and demerits. A person who follows his dreams is always more successful in life.

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