What are the eligibility criteria to join Merchant Navy?

Learn about merchant navy admission procedure
June 20, 2019
Merchant Navy a boon or a curse?
July 22, 2019

The chance to travel across the globe and enjoy the glimpse of each and every drop of water in the seas and oceans is one of the thrilling adventure experiences everyone craves for. Imagine if you are getting luxurious pay to travel across the globe through the seas and oceans. That’s something you can achieve if you pursue a course in the Merchant navy field. Merchant navy field is quite different from the other navy fields as it focuses on delivering goods and services commercially. This means that you will have to deliver products and goods across states and countries commercially. The field also involves the defense line of action for the nation.

Merchant navy is known as the backbone of international trading services, carrying and delivering cargo good around the world within a stipulated period of time. The ships employ quite a lot of people who are trained to perform certain specified jobs as per their expertise and experience as well as the field of course that they have pursued. In order to become a merchant navy ship member, you will have to pursue certain courses, and in order to pursue these courses, you will have to meet the merchant navy eligibility criteria. You can also search online on how to join merchant navy after 10th if your qualification level stands at the metric pass. Besides this, you can also get in touch with professionals and experts navy workers who can let you know about the admission procedure. If you are willing to get into Merchant Navy, make sure that you meet the merchant navy eligibility criteria by preparing for it during your schooling period.

Eligibility criteria

You can check the below eligibility criteria that will explain how to join the merchant navy:

  1. You will have to complete class 12th in the field of PCM or Physics, Chemistry, or Mathematics.
  2. You have to be single (male and female both)
  3. Your vision has to be normal but a power up to 2.5 is also allowed.
  4. The admission process begins with the entrance examination followed by the main written test and a screening test.
  5. Once the test is cleared, you will have to attend an interview and perform a medical examination.
  6. You will also be required to pass the ship-training course before you begin your internship or start your job with the merchant navy. The course is a short-term course where all the candidates are trained with basic security rules and regulations of voyaging.

How to Join Merchant Navy after 10th?

In order to join merchant navy after you pass your metric examination, you will have to complete any one of the following courses –

  1. NCV or commonly known as Near Coastal Voyage
  2. DNS or otherwise known as Diploma in Nautical Science
  3. Commercial Diving
  4. G.P. Rating

You can complete any one of the above courses after you complete your 10th class and begin preparing for your merchant navy training in order to get into the field of Navy.

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