Essentials Points To Be Discussed Before Joining Merchant Navy

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July 9, 2018
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August 20, 2018


Merchant Navy is a prestigious career option to be opted thus grabbing a golden chance to serve your Nation. This field requires a person with a strong character and true patriotism towards the country. There are several merchant navy colleges after graduation where young Indians are being selected on their physical strength and knowledge about this profession and several other essential subjects required for specialization.

Before joining any merchant navy courses in India or making up your mind regarding this profession, there are few important key points that are highly essential to be discussed beforehand.

Firstly, one must have the right qualification which is required in this field and also for some kind of specialization to work on the board ship. Therefore, it is necessary to take the right school into consideration because there are many merchant navy colleges after graduation but it is important to choose the best for yourself.

Then choosing the right job is also a part of correct decision making because if the skills and the kind of job you are expected to do won’t match then you will not considered as the right person for the ship

Health, fitness and attitude are the three keywords required to unlock the door of opportunities in this field. If you successfully pass the fitness test then you would be considered as a physically fit person thus health is an important factor to survive the sea life. The right kind of attitude will always be appreciated in this field since honesty towards your nation and discipline during work are the two most demanding characteristics of a merchant navy officer.

Before you decide to choose this field, you must know that the life of a merchant navy officer is without any existing social life. So if you’re a social butterfly then merchant navy is definitely not your cup of tea.

If you’re willing to join any merchant navy courses after graduation then you must thoroughly go through these vital points and discuss them with your family before opting it a career option. And to find out the best merchant navy colleges in india, you can surf the Internet as per your city and location to find the suitable institute.

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