Enroll Yourself In Merchant Navy Courses After 12th For A Bright Career Ahead
March 13, 2018
Make Career In Merchant Navy
March 29, 2018

What to do after 10th and 12th has been a matter of great concern for all the generations. With today’s world where there are numerous options and opportunities, the students get even more confused with what to choose. In such scenario merchant navy can be a very good option for students who are passing 10th and want to join a professional course. All you need to do is choose a good merchant navy course in Delhi, and you have a great job waiting for you. You become eligible to join the merchant navy by doing such courses in Delhi. You can go for various merchant navy course in delhi like:

  1. GPRating (General Purpose Rating course), it’s a 6 months pre-sea training course post which you can start working on the ship.
  2. NCV (Near Coastal Voyage), it’s a 30 months training course which includes 6 months initial academic training and 24 months sea training.
  3. Both the mentioned courses require an age limit of 17-25 years along with a matriculation certificate from a recognised board with a background of Mathematics, Science and English.
  4. One has to be physically fit with perfect eyesight and no major surgeries to join merchant navy after 10th.

Along with all the mentioned eligibility criteria which require documented proofs, you need to be mentally sound and strong as well. The field you are choosing for yourself requires you to spend a major part of your time on water with a very limited set of people and almost a monotonous routine, which requires a strong will, physical fitness and patience. This might sound normal but once you get into it, it becomes a big challenge to stay away from family and friends for such a long duration without any social life.

Merchant navy as an occupation definitely sounds very lucrative in all terms. You get to travel across the world; you get impressive packages and immense opportunities of growth. But like everything else, all of this also comes with a challenging life. One has to be very attentive, responsive and spontaneous in order to deal with the different conditions, environments and weather challenges. Keeping in mind that you will be practically on water almost all the time, you have to be adaptive towards the fluctuating surrounding conditions. This is the reason why one has to choose the maritime academy very wisely, so that you get the best training and the closest idea of how the on ship life will be. Indeed such courses prepare you well for Merchant navy in Delhi.

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