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Pursuing Career in Indian merchant Navy After 10th or 12th Standard
July 22, 2019
A Comprehensive Guide For Merchant Navy Aspirants
August 22, 2019

Merchant navy after 10th. jpgPlanning to make out a career in merchant navy? Well, this is where you can know more about it. The first and the foremost thing is that one can take admission for joining merchant Navy even after class 10th or 12th. In case, a candidate wishes to apply after Higher Secondary class, then he must have cleared the Higher Secondary Examination with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. One doesn’t need to hold any elaborate degrees in order to apply. Also, merchant navy courses offer huge employment opportunities. But one should always pursue it from one of the best merchant navy colleges in India.

Candidates seeking to join merchant navy have to pass a mandatory fitness test and in case they desire to enter the navigation and engineering fields of the Merchant Navy, then they have to be graduates in Nautical Science or Marine Engineering. There are also options for taking up merchant navy courses after graduation.

People often confuse Merchant Navy with Indian Navy. However, there is a ‘sea’ of difference. Indian Navy is the naval division of the Indian Armed Forces and is concerned with the national security while the Merchant Navy is purely commercial and deals with transportation of passengers and cargo from one place to another. More than 90% of goods all over the world are transported via ships.

The Merchant Navy is operated by both public and private sector shipping companies. The merchant ships are maintained by experienced navigators crews and marine engineers.
The importance of merchant navy lies in the very fact that the economies have opened and are globalized and countries cater to each others’ needs via this mechanism. And this is facilitated by transportation of goods from one part of the world to another with the help of ships. In other words, Merchant navy is the driving force behind the export – import business or bilateral / multi- lateral trade.

Plus, the job comes with its own perks like:
1.  Easy to Enter: One can take up merchant Navy as a career immediately after clearing Higher Secondary Examination.
2.  Adventurous Life: Working in Merchant Navy isn’t like any other mainstream 9-5 job. It enables an individual to push his/ her limits and face new challenges everyday.
3.  Lifestyle: Through a merchant marine career, an individual certainly gets more disciplined, focused and alert in order to counter any eventuality.
4.  Destination Galore: The ones involved in merchant marine career get to visit exotic destinations round the globe.

Scope of Merchant Navy in India:
You can take up merchant navy courses after graduation from a reputed merchant navy college in India also. There is tremendous scope in this field and Merchant Navy is amongst the most lucrative career options available. There are various kinds of ships carrying different types of cargos:
a.  Bulk carrier: Bulk carrier mainly carry bulk cargo like coal, cement, grains, etc.
b.  Roll on/ off ship: These ships carry wheeled cargo like cars, trucks, etc.
c.  LNG carrier: This carrier is concerned with Liquefied Natural Gas.
d.  Oil Tanker/ Chemical Tanker: These carriers are designated to carry bulk oil.
e.  Reefer Ship: Reefer ships carry perishable goods, such as, vegetables, meat, fruits, fish, etc.

One can join any of these ships after the completion of education. Thus, People with unbridled enthusiasm and zest for life can very well opt for a merchant marine career.

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