How to Ensure A Profitable And Productive Career In Merchant Navy?

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October 8, 2018
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November 6, 2018

A profession in sea seems to be lucrative but offers certain challenging situations. There are myriad institutes in India which provide knowledge related to certain courses in Navy, but the best institution to impart this kind of knowledge is the maritime academy which provides the students with both theoretical and practical experience.

The contemporary scenario offers plethora of options related to entrepreneurship and startups and various individuals are bent towards these opportunities without realizing the fact, that they are difficult as well as challenging. In terms of salaried professions, Merchant Navy offers rewarding prospects. You can travel the entire world, don a fancy uniform and call yourself as an officer.

A career at sea sets you apart from other individuals, but to achieve that respect you need to go through tedious tasks and responsibilities which are very well attached with Merchant Navy. It is considered to be one of the popular choices as a career among students and aspirants but there is not enough information regarding its eligibility, career prospects etc. There are certain marine engineering colleges which offer:

• A B.Sc degree in Nautical Science
• Diploma courses
• Innumerable other courses which are indirectly related to Merchant Navy

Did not think of entering Merchant Navy early in life?

This question might have crossed your mind several times but you need to understand that preparation for Merchant Navy need not be associated with a particular time frame rather one can start preparing for the entrance when you are ready to spend a certain amount of time and energy on it. After pursuing a B.Sc. degree too one can enroll themselves in the graduate marine engineering colleges to pursue effective and efficient course which provide same perks and incentives. The courses include:

• GP Rating Course
• Bachelor of Business Administration in Shipping
• Master of Business Administration in Shipping
• Diploma in Culinary Arts
• Diploma in Nautical Science to be appointed as a navigation officer.

These courses in earlier times were associated with different universities across India but now they have been clubbed under one umbrella as the maritime academy. This was a huge step by the Indian government in amalgating different courses under a particular standardization. This was initiated to remove discrepancies in relation to validity of particular courses.

Therefore, due to lack of trained professionals, the industry demands manpower, especially due to the permanent nature of the shipping industry.You must be aware of the current status of the industry which mainly should determine your choice for admission. Employment is not as easy as it used to be which makes it imperative to be aware of job prospects before taking a huge step in your career.

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