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March 15, 2019
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April 16, 2019

The course of GME, graduate marine engineering colleges provide mechanical engineering graduates a chance to take a year’s course and to become a part of the merchant navy as a marine engineer.

To become marine engineer on completing the mechanical engineering, it is a must to do a 1 year course in Graduate marine engineering. Thus there is a need for the merchant navy courses after graduation to be considered.

GME is for one year as full- time offering the pre- sea training course and this is divided into two semesters. It is a conversation course approved intended for naval architecture graduates or mechanical engineering graduates aspiring for the post of marine engineers.

Marine engineering includes engineering of ships, boats, oil rigs and other vessels in marine. The discipline deals with the maintenance, designing, and naval vessels and ships construction. There are different graduate marine engineering colleges and the fee charged by each is different. Hence, the fee charged on an average as course fee ranges from a few thousands to a few lacs.

A marine engineer is technically responsible to manage the ship. Successful graduates of any course will get career opportunities on and off shores in the fields such as teaching or banking.

Maritime courses are not simple jobs and they are highly job oriented. However, to secure a job in marine line there is a compulsion of having merchant navy courses after graduation. There is no doubt that the shipping industry is a flourishing industry. The shipping sector is great for the goods transportation and people from place to place. The business in the world depends indirectly or directly to the shipping industry.

This industry needs trained and qualified personnel so that they function smoothly. The Maritime courses give training to the students so that they take on various roles in this esteemed industry. In fact, a Merchant Navy job, if that is your aim, there is a must you realize that the maritime courses will be of great help to you.

Maritime courses for merchant navy job

1. Marine Engineering B.E./B.TECH

This is a long undergraduate program of 4 years. Only on the program completion, successful candidate will be provided the competency certificate of Marine Engineer Officer Class 4. This certificate will be given by the Ministry of Shipping.
After the sea service of 6 months, candidates can become on any Merchant Navy ship as Marine Engineers.

• The age limit for each candidate should be satisfied such that they should be 17 to 25 years of age as the course starts.
• Completing 12th in the Science stream implies the board exams are cleared with physics, chemistry, and mathematics, only then they can apply and there is a requirement of 60% marks as aggregate.
• GME course is a training course for the graduates, as one year course. On completing the candidates are given the Marine Engineer Officer Class 4 course as the Competency certificate.

After Sea Service for 12 months, candidates may become on Merchant Navy ships Navigation Officers and can work in any part of the World!

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