How To Join Merchant Navy In India

Prerequisites For Marine Engineering
July 9, 2018
Essentials Points To Be Discussed Before Joining Merchant Navy
July 18, 2018

You can be lured by the life of an engineer on a ship who gets to travel around the world, perform fancy engineering operations on the ship, mingle with people all around the globe and explore the various cultures on a regular basis. A lot of students look for merchant nave academy in Delhi for their passion towards the sea and there are a lot of ways to do it. Marine engineering, DNS course, lifeguard trainings are just some options which are forever available to you.

The biggest benefit in India merchant navy provides is being virtually tax free. If you have spent more than 6 months on the ship, your salary is completely tax free which is a huge benefit considering the tax slab you may fall into otherwise. Along with that, while you have to stay away from your family for months, you also get uninterrupted holidays lasting for months. There, you can enjoy the perks of being in merchant navy. All these reasons make merchant navy very lucrative for youngsters.

There are a number of ways and courses a person can join merchant navy. They have job profile ranging from the navigation officer to marine engineer to well-built lifeguards. Depending on the interest and aptitude, one can join either marine engineering course or a DNS course which stands for Diploma in Nautical Sciences.

The eligibility to join marine engineering is basic school education till 12th standards. Merchant navy academy in Delhi might not require a stellar academic record but they Surely look for qualities like quick problem solving and leadership skills. A natural interest towards science and machines in particular also often helps in learning quickly.

For joining the diploma in nautical sciences, one should have passed the 12th standard with mathematics chemistry and physics as their primary subjects from a recognized board. Sometimes the required minimum marks number can be 50 to 60%. Nautical sciences are pretty different from the field and scope of marine engineering and one should choose a field where truly his/her interest lies.

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