Career Options For B.Sc. Holders In Nautical Science
February 19, 2019
Make A Career in Merchant Navy
March 15, 2019

Everybody knows how importantly the board exams are treated in India. The pressure on students at their 12th boards is extremely high and there is no way of lowering it as the students are immediately faced with the decision of selecting a particular field for further studies, which will direct the way their career takes shape in the forthcoming years. Every student wants to select a career that not only poses a great challenge and adventure at work, but also pays them good when the month of hard work ends. If you are considering the salaried professionals, merchant navy courses after 12th is still a great option for students who are serious about their career right after the boards.

Ask any seafarer, and they will tell you what pride they feel when they don their uniform and march towards the sea, only to conquer it for months on end. For people who have always wished to travel the world, this job is a dream come true. Agreed that you may have to stay away from your family for longer periods than other common salaried employees, but you will more than make it up when you get an extended holiday of months on end to spend with your family. Let us not even get started on the tax benefit of joining the merchant navy courses after 12th. By spending six months on-board, you make sure that a huge amount of money, which would otherwise be taxed, is safe in your account.

Students often get confused about how to join merchant navy after 12th and look for guidance which will be effective in making a decision that will impact their lifetime. Here are a few tips for you on how to join merchant navy after 12th.


You can join merchant navy in a lot of ways. For becoming the deck officer, you will either have to go through courses on BSc. Nautical Sciences (3 years) or get a diploma in Nautical Sciences for which the duration is 1 year.

If you wish to join merchant navy as an engineer, you can also take up marine engineering which is a challenging but rewarding course with the duration lasting for four years. You will be highly skilled personnel after doing the marine engineering and many jobs will be at your disposal.

Surprisingly, your love for cooking can also get you a job in merchant navy as you can always take up courses like Maritime Catering Course (6 Months) and BSc in Marine Catering (3 Years). This is a dream job which lets you pursue your live for cooking and travel as a career.

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