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May 20, 2019
What are the eligibility criteria to join Merchant Navy?
June 20, 2019

Merchant Navy is considered as one of the best fields for all those candidates who are willing to earn lumpsum money and travel through the oceans and the seas for several months. If you are comfortable traveling for months in the oceans or the seas, the merchant navy should be the best option for you when it comes to choosing career options. Merchant navy includes a fleet of ships responsible for carrying a heavy amount of goods from one place to another across different cities, states, and countries. It is one of the important parts of international trade because of the huge quantity of imports and the exports are done through these ships

A career in the field of Merchant Navy is the most beneficial and a prestigious job when it comes to doing a job in this field. If you are searching for lucrative jobs, then this is the field you should be considering for your career. The merchant navy admission procedures are quite simple but yet complicated because of the work that you have to do if you are hired. There are several merchant navy courses that you can prefer doing before applying for the jobs in this field. In the field of Merchant Navy, you can join different courses as you wish to and based on your preference, you can pursue your career in the same field.

There are three different methods to enter into the department of Merchant navy based on the merchant navy courses that you can seek for. Candidates who are willing to join the navy at any different level beginning from the metric pass to the graduation level can opt for a career in the Navy.

Fields associated with Merchant Navy

Though there are three different methods to enter into the Merchant Navy, however, there are lots of courses available for you to choose from and begin the merchant navy admission procedure. Some of the courses are listed below:

  1. Bachelor of Technology in Marine Engineering
  2. Bachelor in Science – Nautical Science
  3. Bachelor of Technology in Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering
  4. Bachelor of Technology in Harbour and Ocean Engineering
  5. Bachelor of Technology in Ship Building
  6. Marine Catering
  7. Electro Technical Officer Course

These are some of the best fields that you can choose in the field of Merchant Navy and enter into a prestigious job in the reputed field.


Once you complete the specified programs and the courses in the merchant navy, you have to undergo through the pre-sea training modules conducted by the MTI or the Maritime Training Institute. All the candidates will have to take this training schedules mandatorily before they begin accepting their job offers or start their internships within the ship, irrespective of the course they are pursuing. The training period to complete this pre-sea training course is about six months to about a year based on the course that you have chosen to pursue. You can also research about this course online to know more information about the syllabus and the programs involved in the training.

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