What are the eligibility criteria to join Merchant Navy?
June 20, 2019
Pursuing Career in Indian merchant Navy After 10th or 12th Standard
July 22, 2019

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Merchant navy is considered as the eminent part of international trade where different post is responsible for different activities:

• A deck officer is accountable for safe navigation of the ships using GPS System.
• Marine engineer toil his labour on maintaining the ships machinery and for repairs

In INDIA 12th class boards are given so much of importance that a child in under severe pressure to perform well in their exams and choosing an appropriate course to purse one’s journey is another difficult task to accomplish.

Everyone at that stage has enormous dreams about having a job that takes them to different places so, merchant navy provide them an apt opportunity to explore the different countries along with the work and get them paid really well at the end of the month.

Sitting in a cabin and working over laptops for hours is not a kind of job that comes up with humungous bonus. Rather being a part of merchant navy courses after 12th brings about the abilities of a person to don a uniform and call oneself an officer.


• DECK OFFICER: Bsc nautical science (3 years)
• Engineer: BE/ B. tech in marine engineering.
• CATERING DEAPARTMENT: BSc in marine catering (3 YEARS)

To conclude, one can enter this career by doing Diploma/UG in Marine/Naval Engineering. This required minimum age of 17 years and maximum age of 25 years where a candidate will be selected only if he is physically fit and for that they required a registered medical practitioner certificate with and perfect vision.
The good part of this profession is that both the genders are equally welcomed.

What is Bsc nautical science?
It is an undergraduate degree after which a candidate joins the ship as a trainee cadet officer. And after completing this qualification from the best bsc nautical science colleges a person can see wider horizons of merchant navy. In this a person has to propel the ships.

B.Tech Marine engineering graduates can find various career options and jobs in marine facilities, warehousing and logistics sector, it’s a 4 year undergraduate degree. The only difference in both the fields is of operations.

Every professi0on comes up with certain good qualities and certain drawbacks, few are listed below
• It helps to own the aright qualification with a good and assured job profile.
• It makes sure about your health and fitness because that what it demands for.
• It hampers your social life since life on ships is quite lonely.
• It fosters your suitable personality and right attitude towards life.
• It definitely assure with job security and high income to rely on.
• The marine drivers never have to worry about paying off tax returns over their income.

It’s a profession that serves to countries welfare of national income. The Directorate General of Shipping is an attached office of the Ministry of Shipping, Govt. of India and deals with all executive matters, relating to merchant shipping that includes safety of lives and ships at sea. Thus, regulations to be followed by respective department.
This institute is considered as globally for their efficient work with progressive administration.

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