Merchant Navy- A Sea Of Dreams just waiting for you now

A Comprehensive Guide For Merchant Navy Aspirants
August 22, 2019
A look at the scope of Merchant Navy Courses after Graduation
September 16, 2019

Merchant NavyAs the world is progressing, competition is too increasing in seeking a job. Different fields have their pros and cons to deal with. Merchant navy is one such promising field which offers a lot of opportunities for the youth, and if you are passionate and a travel bug, then it is your perfect place. It differs from the navy as it deals with commercial services whereas navy devotes its services for the defense and security of the nation.

The Vast Scope
The scope of the merchant navy in India has increased a lot. A passionate student sitting in India can quickly get into the field by procuring the right professional knowledge in the subject from the merchant navy colleges in India. You should look for that institution that provides degree or diploma courses in this field.

Role Of Merchant Navy
Merchant navy is often a challenging job, and hence, it should not be left lightly. The job will keep you away from the reach of the families. On the other hand, it is one of the lucrative careers where you can get high salaries and incentives for your position.

Merchant navy is one of the critical game-changer in the Indian economy as well as in any other nation’s economy. It carries cargoes in the ships from one country to another. Thus there is a massive demand for workers and officers to maintain this business of import and export. So anyone who has completed a degree or diploma course in merchant navy can easily apply for these positions.

Eligibility Standards To Become A Merchant Navy Officer
• The basic eligibility in this field is to complete + 2 or intermediate with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics combinations of science stream. Candidate must score around 65-70% in aggregate of the total combinations
• The candidates must be unmarried Indian citizens(male or female)
• Candidates should have healthy eyesight. But spectacles up to minus or plus 2.5 may be allowed.

The admission procedure comprises of several stages
1. Entrance examination
2. Screening test
3. Main written exam
4. Interview
5. Medical test

Clearing all the stages would lead you to become an officer. There is a ship training course which is mandatory for the candidates before the employment. The course teaches the candidates about the necessary security protocols of voyaging.

Courses related to Merchant Navy
• Nautical science
• Marine engineering
• Naval architecture and offshore engineering
• Ocean engineering
• Petroleum engineering

Several merchant navy colleges in India provide a degree in these courses. The degree can be a bachelor in technology, a bachelor in science, masters in technology and science or an integrated degree in these courses. For instance, a graduate marine engineering preferred than a candidate without a degree.

Thus merchant navy promises a wide range of opportunities as a career. If you are passionate enough about exploring new areas, then this is your place. You need to accept the challenge to taste the rewards of the future.

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