Prerequisites for Merchant Navy Courses after 12th

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November 6, 2018
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January 11, 2019


Longing to undertake a prospective career in Merchant Navy after 12th? This aspect can only be ensured through a variety of courses which guarantee defined opportunities and rewarding benefits

Every individual at a certain point in time might have faced a question regarding what is the aim of your life after 12th? Completion of senior secondary examination is considered to be a great deal in India. If you are wanting to get admitted in Merchant Navy, you need to consider an important aspect which involves that the graph of responsibilities is not going to be easy as you climb the ladder of success, there would be challenging situations coming your way, which you need to tackle with willpower and positive energy.

Merchant Navy is in sharp contrast to Navy which is deliberated as an important pillar of the Defence Forces. Navy largely deals with theoretical exposure and requires file work rather Merchant Navy on the other hand deals with commercial services which include cargos, cruise, tanker ships etc.

Before moving on to pursue certain Merchant Navy courses after 12th, you need to attain basic eligibility which gives you an assurance that you can sit for an entrance examination of several leading Maritime institutions:

  • Firstly, you should have secured good rankings in secondary school examination with Science subjects and Mathematics as a compulsory subject. 60% aggregate marks is sufficient enough to secure a seat in Merchant Navy institutes.


  • The English language is considered to be a compulsory subject, without which your enrollment cannot be determined efficiently.



  • Candidates wanting to pursue a career in navy needs to have a normal vision and perfect eyesight.

After completing the first stage of the process, you will be required to fill an application form to register for the entrance examination which is conducted by Directorate General of Shipping. The exam will be conducted through the digital platform with multiple choice questions. Failure of which, you will need to give a structured interview with the panel members.

The alternate career options include Merchant Navy courses after 12th:

  • Nautical Science Course: Diploma in nautical science will offer similar incentives and rewards as a degree course. You don’t need to confuse yourself with whether a degree is more advantageous or diploma in terms of job opportunities. Both are fruitful as Merchant Navy is one such industry which pays more attention to skills and talent rather than degrees. There would be a number of people with degrees and high academic qualifications but if there is no skill then a navy career would not be successful.


  • General Purpose Rating Course: It is mainly a sea training course. It can be undertaken for 6 months. There is an age limit for this course which cannot be extended beyond 25 years. It is imperative to understand that eyesight plays a very important role in this career. So before entering this field, you should remember that either a course or a degree, your vision should be perfect which also implies that there should be no vision glasses. Ultimately this course will equip you with roles and responsibilities on deck and engine.


Therefore, to enter best and high-end maritime academy, you will need to put in more hard work for the diploma in nautical science which has proved to be advantageous and beneficial for other individuals as well.

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