Developing Prospects Through Diploma In Nautical Science
January 11, 2019
Career Options For B.Sc. Holders In Nautical Science
February 19, 2019

Aspire to achieve a successful career in Merchant navy and confused regarding whether to pursue a diploma or a degree? Place an end on all your confusions and queries and select B.Sc degree in Nautical Science, which ensures lucrative opportunities for your future endeavors.

There are various elite and high end B.Sc nautical science colleges in India which offer an undergraduate course in nautical science which is meant for three long years. These degree courses are approved by Directorate General of Shipping which ensures that they are recognized and pursuing a degree from these colleges will ensure superior placements in comparison to colleges whose degree is not well known. A degree from a renowned institution will always contribute to your success and will also give an edge over others.

There are certain points that you need to keep in consideration while applying for a B.Sc degree:

Prerequisite Skills and Conditions:

• You need to be thorough with technical concepts.

• Communication and arbitration skills.

• If you desire to be a navigation officer, then diving skills are a desirable precondition.

• Various B.Sc nautical science colleges select students who have accurate mechanical and IT expertise.

Eligibility Requirements:

• The minimum criteria necessary to enter elite nautical science colleges is that you should have cleared secondary and senior secondary examination with 45% aggregate in science stream with a combination of subjects including Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry as your main ones.

• You need to be physically fit in all the aspects.

Once you clear these minimum eligibility requirements, you will need to qualify an entrance examination and the latter part is followed by a panel interview and medical tests, which are highly significant as it assures the authority that you can be given training regarding sea equipment.

After your selection for the nautical science degree you will be given rigorous training sessions and knowledge in various courses. One of the course which is considered highly valuable for merchant navy is the GP Rating Course. The uniqueness of this course lies in its curriculum which is designed in a manner as it equips you with both technical and practical know how of shipboard equipment and tools.

It is mainly a sea training course which makes you competent and removes the initial fear of deep waters and sea. It can be undertaken for 6 months. There are innumerable number of job opportunities like Deck Officer, Nautical Inspector which could be offered once you initiate or complete the degree course. Therefore, GP rating course and other courses taught in elite nautical science colleges would ensure you right exposure required for the merchant navy industry.

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