How To Choose Merchant Navy Courses After 12th
April 27, 2018
Merchant Navy Courses Are Suitable After High School
June 12, 2018

For the people looking for a job with raw adventure, a pinch of thrill, cooked in pride and honor, and served with a taste of money, Merchant navy is the exact thing you were looking for. Merchant Navy can bring you everything a healthy job can yield. But you need to be determined, knowledgeable and be in a good shape to be a part of the Merchant Navy’s community.

IMU is the prime institution harboring an array of Merchant Navy colleges with numerous courses. As the front line of your struggle, you need to pass the annual entrance examination conducted by IMU. Many high school graduates wonder, how to join merchant navy after 12th? Well, there is your answer you first need to crack that entrance. Here are some tips to prepare for your IMU entrance-

Plan your Course of Study-

After getting listed in a coaching institute, you need to divide your day for each subject to study prior to your 7-hour long coaching. Your syllabus will cover topics of Mathematics, English, Chemistry, Physics, G.K, and more. The art of planning will never fail you, just follow your plan properly and give more time to the tough subjects and you are good to go.

Keep your Priorities straight-

You should sort out the course you want to join before the entrance. There are a number of courses these colleges feature-

  • Diploma in Nautical Science
  • 3 years degree course in Nautical science.
  • 4 years degree course in Marine Engineering.
  • 2 years course for diploma holders
  • 1-year course for graduate mechanical Engineering.
  • 3 Month course for deck cadets and more

Pre-determining your course will keep you goal oriented and maintain your focus on the career you want. Generally, students opt for Diploma in nautical science, as it’s duration is 1 year and lands a speedy job.

Know your exam pattern-

To crack the entrance, you first need to know what type of paper will be there. Knowing your exam pattern will help you divide your time and complete your paper on time. For example, a typical IMU entrance is 2 hours long with a total of 200 marks. Only multiple-choice questions are asked. One correct answer will land you 1 mark while a wrong will have a neutral effect on your marks.

Division of Study hours-

Your exam will be divided into sections. Each section has a limited weight in marks. For example, English is measured at 25 marks, Chemistry at 25, while Mathematics and Physics are billed at 50 marks each. There is no need to devote equal time study time for English as it is for Physics and Math. Read your question paper carefully and do your best section first.

The above points might have the cleared the distress amongst the young minds that how to join merchant navy after 12th.

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