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April 16, 2019
May 20, 2019

Nautical Science always offers the best careers for all the people who want to become a deck officer. If you are doing a degree course in Nautical engineering then the course is of 3 years. After this course, you can join a ship as a trainee Cadet officer. But if you want to do the Diploma in Nautical science and want to become a nautical engineer, then the course is about 1 year. For this course, you must check the eligibility. In Class 12, you have to take Science as the main subject that includes Maths, physics, chemistry. In total, you have to score 55% marks. After that only you will be allowed admission to the Diploma in Nautical Science.

If you want to do this course of Diploma in Nautical science, then you can mostly prefer it doing from Delhi Maritime Academy. This academy is one of the best and well-known academies in Delhi which provides the best course of Diploma in Nautical Science. The duration of the course is about 1 year in which 2 Semester will be held. Apart from being a Nautical engineer in Ships, there are many types of jobs which you can do. But the important thing is choosing the right job.

The Diploma in Nautical science mainly depends upon the fundamental in Mathematics, Information Technology, and Physics. While doing the course you will learn lots of skills that include cargo operations, navigations and ship maintenance, and operations.

The academy is approved by the DG of shipping, Mumbai which falls under the government of India. All the semester exams will be held in IMU. IMU stands for the Indian Maritime University that is in Chennai. One of the best things about this course is that you will get the assured job on the campus in the last year.

What are the other types of courses being offered by the Delhi Maritime Academy?

Apart from the Diploma Nautical Science, the following courses are being offered:

  • Tech Maritime Engineering
  • Tech Naval Engineering
  • Tech in Petroleum Engineering
  • Sc. (Nautical Science)
  • GP Rating
  • ETO
  • Graduate in Marine Engineering
  • IMU-CET coaching classes

Apart from this course, the Academy will also provide you with the course of the Merchant Navy courses after graduation.

The following are some of the career growth you can get after the course of Diploma in Nautical science and they are:

  • Second Officer

After completing this course you will be appointed as a trainee on ships. After having 18 months of sea experience, you will be selected as the second officer, but for this, you have to clear the exam.

  • Chief Officer

After you gained experience as a second officer, you will become eligible for the Chief Officer exam. You have to qualify in this. After that only you will be the Chief Officer.

  • Captain

After a few years of Chief Officer experiences, you will be promoted as a Captain of the ship.


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