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March 15, 2019
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May 20, 2019

So, what is the great attraction of the merchant marine? Usually, two things come to mind – money and travel abroad. There are other benefits such as tax-free income, fast promotions and an exciting life. But a good salary is the main temptation. You receive paychecks and do not pay taxes (if you don’t stay in your country for more than 6 months in a financial year). Start earning a great salary at a very young age.

This amount of salary depends on the type of BSc nautical science colleges you have studied and the company joins, so do not listen to me. The officers normally work on a contractual basis. Subaltern officers make contracts for 4-6 months, while senior officers make 3 to 4 months on board. Some companies pay wages around the year while others pay you only while you browse.

However, your annual salary will remain the same. Why do ship owners pay such high salaries (relatively speaking)? There has to be a trap, right? The problem is, you stay away from home for long period. In fact, you spend most of your time at sea and not on land. Of course we get to visit foreign countries, but things have changed now. It’s not like you get to a port and everyone goes to land.

Work continues with each official member/work team in shifts (watches as we call them). You are allowed to go ashore once you have completed your clock, but do not forget that you have to return from your shore, go out and work again. Therefore, either sleep or go ashore. Work on a ship never stops. While the ship is doing something – sailing, loading / unloading cargo, it is about making money for the owner of the ship. Port stays have dropped considerably so that the ship is in port for a much short time. Of course, this depends on the type of vessel you are on.

Container ships are in port for a few hours (SI few hours), 24-hour tankers, cargo ships and bulk carriers remain in the port longer. The clocks in the port are usually in a 6 in 6 base, 6 hours on duty, 6 hours out of service, and then return to work. Therefore you cannot go ashore in each port because you need to rest sometimes.
Now let’s come to work.

Each type of ship requires specialized equipment. Each department on board a ship has different functions – the bridge section deals with the navigation and loading / unloading of the cargo, while the machinery section deals with the maintenance of several machines. Life on board each ship is not the same. Some boats are old, so they have to work harder to keep them running. Some boats are more recent and are easier to work with. Oil workers, gas companies need training and Merchant navy courses. Container ships and bulk carriers have also experienced crew. The merchant marine is wonderful it gives everything you dream and want in life. If you want to make a career in merchant navy, get enrolled BSc nautical science colleges.

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